February 2016 Hearthstone recap

As I mentioned in last month’s recap, I wasn’t excited about the F2P progression, so I started off February spending a little money. I guess Blizzard’s monetising scheme is working according to plan. Grrrmbl. Anyways, I started by purchasing the... read more

Using iPlanner android app with Google Calendar

This’ll be a quick little article, describing how I get my work schedule into Google Calendar, from iPlanner. I’m mostly writing this down because I keep forgetting how to do this, and having to figure it out again every two months or is a real time sink.... read more

January 2016 Hearthstone recap

With February well under way, it’s time to write a recap on January – before I forget all about it. January was not spectacular to be honest: I played all of it F2P (without purchasing any more packs or adventures) and I was underwhelmed by my (lack of)... read more

December 2015 Hearthstone recap

Ok, it’s time I write down a few things about my December season, before I forget all about it. First off, this was my first complete season, after I started playing the game late in November. Early in the month, I got my first legendary card from a pack. It was... read more

My 2015 Steam winter sales purchases

After meticulous consideration (watching trailers, reading reviews, checking price histories, etc), these are the titles I purchased in this year’s Steam winter sales. The Walking Dead This game wasn’t even on my wishlist, but with overwhelmingly positive... read more

Why I left Deezer in favor of Spotify

I’m not sure why I started using Deezer in the first place. I think at the time I started getting interested in music streaming services, Spotify was not available in Belgium, so I chose Deezer instead. I was pretty happy with their service for a while and even... read more

Linus Torvalds tee

My Tux Typo design on RedBubble has been reasonably popular (mostly selling as stickers and T-shirts), so I decided to create another Linux-inspired design. This one is a word cloud (consisting of all Linux distros) in the shape of Linus Torvalds‘ portrait. I... read more

Site relaunch!

Today I started working on a new site design. I also moved hosts and the current one (Vultr) should perform a lot better than my old, shared hosting account. This will help when I start pulling in huge amounts of traffic or, more likely, will just be more pleasant for... read more